Public Welfare Projects
Pedestrian Bridges (Symbolizing Public Benefit)

Armada On Road is more anxious about the public welfare and the adornment of the city. Intended for Public Welfare Project, Armada On Road is the first company which initiated the agreement of construction of Pedestrian Bridges under the B.O.T (Build, Operate, Transfer). This is the brain child of Mr. Syed Irfan Hashmi, who has made a tremendous effort to recognize the importance of such projects by the officials. He devoted his six years to get approve these types of project as a policy of the government.

Inauguration Ceremony


1 Outdoor Media Planning with respect to nature of campaign.
2 Site arrangement at the required locations of the city.
3 Verifying the legal status of the approved sites.
4 Continuous monitoring of the sites for the whole rental tenure.
5 Monitoring of the productions and installation.
6 Submission of monthly reports of the rented sites.

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