Our Team

a) Marketing Department

  • Driving industrial development and technology transfer.

  • Boosting regional industries, by providing exposure.

  • Stimulating foreign investment in industry and infrastructure.

  • Providing innovative and valuable business tools.

  • Developing global channel distributions and partnerships.

  • Entering into new markets, and for international marketing activity.

b) Research Department

Research studies are available at Research Department for:

  • Consolidate business relationship;

  • Find new markets;

  • Solve specific problems;

c) Monitoring/Operations Department

1. Monitoring and data collection of the outdoor ad. campaign.

2. Provide our customers, a cost efficient level of services.

3. Remain focus throughout the campaign, from fabrication to display.

4. Provide data regarding cost efficiency of a particular site, during




d) Services

  • Outdoor Media Planning with respect to nature of campaign.

  • Site arrangement at the required locations of the city.

  • Verifying the legal status of the approved sites.

  • Continuous monitoring of the sites for the whole rental tenure.

  • Monitoring of the productions and installation.

  • Submission of monthly reports of the rented sites.







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